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MMM United Payment Proof: How I made $1000 (520,000 Naira) in 30 days with MMM United (Photo proof)

It is no news that MMM United have come to stay. Early November, I was invited by a friend to join this scheme which gives its members 100% of any money invested after 30 days. At first, I laughed at that my friend and told him not to tell me such rubbish again. He tried all his best to convince me but I paid deaf ears to his gesture.

Meanwhile, I was already enjoying my MMM Nigeria  and MMM United Mavro growth 😄😄. After some days, another friend of mine gave me a call on the same MMM United. I told him my take on that (which is capital NO). After some weeks, testimonies started coming. The first guy that invited me to this scheme received a total of $190 after he provided help of $100.

This is where it all began😳😳.

Today, I will give you my own testimony on MMM United. It is true everyone have a story to tell. But success story is intoxicating. You say it aloud even when you are not asked to.

After my friends success story, I now decided to take a bold step and start with $500. after all, everything in this world is all about risk. Investing this huge of money for a start really disturbed me. I now check MMM United website almost 5 times a day 😤😤 to see if my money is still intact.

Finally, it got to the D-day (9 days). I rushed and requested for help without wasting time.  I was matched immediately to be paid by some people. Wow!! Guess what I have in my bitcoin wallet now? A whooping sum of $932 which is almost close to $1000. This is about N500,000 naira. Wow!! This is what I made in just 30 days.

I know photos speak louder than voice. Below are the screenshots;


Some people might doubt the credibility of this. But, I am not hear to convince you to join  MMM United. I am just here to share my testimony with you. Like I have said before, Success story is intoxicating. You say it even when you are not asked.

Meanwhile, I will advice you today to join MMM United. It really pays. If you are still in doubt like I was, this is a real proof for you to believe it.

Yes! most of you might be enjoying MMM Nigeria and MMM United, but MMM United is a whole of 100% in just 30 days. So, you get double of your money after 9 days. You can also do the two at the same time.

You need to join MMM United today and start making your own money. Anyways, whether you join or not, that can't stop my fresh $1000 Mavro help which I provided Immediately from growing 😛😛.
Therefore, it is left for to decide whether to join or not.

If you are also interested in MMM Nigeria, Click here to register.
If you are also interested in MMM United, Click here to register.

If you know what bitcoin is ...pls read this

United we stand, divided we fall.
Long live MMM United!
Enjoy your 100% money!!

contact me on whatsapp for more info 08101085897

If you have any issue or question on MMM United, drop it in the comment box below for immediate answer.

MMM United Payment Proof: How I made $1000 (520,000 Naira) in 30 days with MMM United (Photo proof) Reviewed by Buusuu on 00:37 Rating: 5


  1. How do I join mmm South Africa

    1. here

  2. Hmmm this is too gud to be true

  3. So, how do you sell your bitcoins. I have registered through the link you provided and have given help but I don't know how to convert it into Naira after pay out. Please can you help me?

    1. read this

  4. Here is another way you can make 10$ per seconds and 3500$ per month. follow this link Hyginus

  5. Pls av used my bitcoin account on mmm Nigeria, can I still use same account for mmm south africa? And pls which phone number will I use since am from Nigeria

  6. those screen shots seems like mmm united own.... mmm south africa shows the dollar and BTC equivalent.....just saying tho

  7. i dont know how to create bitcon wallet for mmm south africa what about getting one

  8. Please can you load up your recent payment from MMMSouthAfrica.CO, I wanted to register under a guider with the most recent payment proof. This is because I have gotten a lot of disturbing feedback other people using their platform and it has not been pleasant stories at all.

  9. Comment of people from some blog:-

    Good Morning All, as I have promised to keep you updated, I am not trying to create unnecessary panic, but it is better for me to burn my finger that to allow my fellow Nigerians to under go same. As an IT personnel who is knowledgeable about bitcoin, I did my research on those that said I should credit with assistance.

    1. I checked out the domain on and was told the domain is available for sale. This made me skeptical. I wonder why I did not do this at 1st. (N.B: This reduced my doubt:

    2. Secondly, this is the major check that broke the Camel’s back. I researched on Bitcoin Mining site and got this link

    3. I entered the bitcoin address of the person they say I should PH at 30% and discovered the bitcoin coin receiving address of the fellow has only received fund but has never transferred fund to anybody. Surprisingly, I saw my bitcoin address payment there too.

    4. I try checking the bitcoin address of the person they say I should PH at 70%, it was just like the 1st one.

    5. I tried my bitcoin address and got all the transactions I have done both sending and receiving

    6. I tried the bitcoin address of the fellow I bought the bitcoin from and saw all the transactions he has done both sending and receiving and how much he has left.

    Now, with all these observations my fellow Nigerians, Do you still advise I gamble with my $280 of the remaining 70% to PH the recipient? Please advise.

  10. Don't try this... it is BIG scam!

    Nigerians be WISE

  11. Nothing is more amazing, this OMG!!!

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