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How You Can Make $3500 Every Month With Bitcoin

YES, It is possible to make $3500 a month, when you wisely take advantage of the suggestions we have listed on this post. Helping community sites have come out in many forms since MMM Global brought this great idea to light and many Nigerians including me have benefited from some of these genuine online mutual help communities.

However, lots of Scams have come out also to rip people of their hard earn money through this means., care must be taken when joining most of the sites out there as many of them have really come out to deceive people.

However, here we have put a few tested ones we have participated in and confirmed that they are real and paying. We shall be updating this post from time to time.

PLEASE Its Advisable You Start With Spare Money. DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR MONEY
As funny as the name sounds because its Japanese name but this is 10 days duration helping community. its function is simple, No long story and its very effective and great.. Marching is fast end efficient.
100,000% Every 10 days The growing rate is 90% daily, it means that your money will be 180% after 10 days. You may take back your money on the 11th day. (You provide/ donate $1,000,000 You will get $1,800 after 10 days.)
REFERRAL Bonus income is 5%. For each new member (referral) you have invited to the System you will get the referral bonus: (Only on the condition he confirms in his PO that it is you who brought him into the System and that you are his referrer ) Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants. But at the same time, understanding that the SHUKUFUKU network can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.
Minimum of $20 and Maximum of $1,000
Re-donation is compulsory before GH of Same or Above Amount.
Minimum of $10 and Maximum of $1,800.    WARNING: There are lots of scams out there! Registering through Google search will put you at RISK,….Please Register via the Links we have provided here. Do not put all your money ,start with spare money!!
This is another one of a different kind. MMM UNITED is an arm of MMM Global but basically in Bitcoin and Many Nigerians are already making money through this wonderful program. You will make 100% of your Bitcoin in 30 days.
MMM United, Its real and far from scam. Stop being skeptical this is Not a Scam. You should have a Plan B to be able to survive this present economy. MMM united has help many people in different countries, don’t mind those that are writing negative things about it.
Yes, it is REAL.., you will earn 100% of what ever amount of bitcoin you Provide within 30days here, but this is not a HYIP! Nor investment company. You can PH as low as $20,and get $40 in 30days, There is 5% Referral Bonus.You need to crate a Bitcoin Wallet and fund it. scroll to the directives on GHC to see how you can crate bitcoin wallet and fun it.
This is similar to the main MMM Global but it only transact with Bitcoin. CLICK HER TO REGISTER NOW
So, if you have decided to participate in MMM United Community. Just follow the link below and REGISTER NOW Start making money from today with Bitcoin. Register and start Providing Help while you enjoy all the bonuses and 100% interest of any amount of Bitcoin you put.
NOTE: Register with MMM United via the link on our website here, going through Google search is Risk.., Always try to be checking your MMM united dashboard daily to know when you are matched with someone. **

Helping Revolution

Pays 50% after 7 days

Commitment Ammount
$10 - $1000
Multiple of $10

150% after 7 days (with capital

Helping Revolution is now back to give you 50% on your investment in the next 7 days without referring anybody.
You can start this investment with just common $50.

TO start:

Open a account
Buy $50 funds or more from trusted BTC sellers.( I can supply you funds)

Goto the below site:


Save your login details in save place and click to offer help,
The system will march you in 24 hours to give help and in 7 days, you will cash out 50% + your Investment.

You can have as many account has possible to earn in Multiple ways or refer people.

One of the best way to generate thousands of bitcoin dollars is through HR. You better secure your spot NOW. Getting 50% Every 7Days for life: Register page: MY Unique Referral ID: 1427590 During registration you will put the amount you want to provide help with and you will be pair within 24hrs.

Click Here to Register....Please use this ID 1427590 as referrer during Registration [​IMG]

1. Enter your Bitcoin Address

a. What is Bitcoin Address?
Bitcoin Address looks like a number of symbols (example of Bitcoin Address: 12TFVXGDWF3GMSDjftnfKWpyEhgsW9DymN). 
You will use it to receive and send payments. Need a new one? You should LOGIN to your BlockChain Wallet, click on "Receive" section and copy your Bitcoin Address (Save it in your draft/notepad).

2. Enter Your E-Mail Address
3. Enter Your Full Name
4. Choose Your Country [e.g. Nigeria +234]
5. Enter Your Mobile Number [07085115926]
6. Enter Referral ID [My Referral ID 1427590]
7. That is Your Username ID [Also Your Referral ID]
8. Your PH amount of Bitcoin Dollars [10, 20, 50, 100 etc]


After registration once u login you will see the amount of help u pledge, wait for 24 hours to be matched after that u will make payment, take note of this, u will click on "pay" then u will copy the persons wallet address paste on your blockchain after u have click send on your blockchain, then also copy the exact bitcoin amount u want to pay something like this 0.157432 then paste on blockchain leave description just click next and click send that's all, check back in 1-2 hours u will see that it has been confirmed automatically, but if not confirm yet, relax becos upgrade is going on behind the scene... U don't need to do anything again will received help automatically after the seventh day. But in case it’s not confirm click on pay again if u see something like Dis 0.00000 u don't have any problem it will be confirm.

Pays 200%, 215% per month

You got to try it out

Minimum PH is $50, Maximum PH is $10000

Get started” NOW” This the best time!!! WARNING: Use Your Discretion, Start with Spare Small Amount. Don’t Put All Your Money in any of these helping communities mentioned above. REGISTER via the links we have provided on this post.

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