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MORE INFO ON BITCOIN - What is Bitcoin? ....How To Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria ....How To Convert Bitcoin To Naira


Bitcion is the Currency. It is a digital currency; a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is a form of payment accepted in all countries of the world.

Bitcoins are been kept in wallet, just like you keep your money in banks.

One of the most popular wallet is Blockchain.


You need a Blockchain Account. 

I know many are confused now. You don't know what a Blockchain account is.

Firstly, Blockchain is one of the E-wallet that operates with Bitcion.

Blockchain is like an Online bank.

Blockchain is a payment processor.

While Bitcion is the Currency.

What is Bitcion?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency
and a payment system
invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto
unveiled the idea on 31 October 2008 to a cryptography mailing list, and released it as open-source software in 2009.

Bitcoin is decentralized peer-to-peer system, No single bank, government, company or individual owns the network or has control over it.

This means that your accounts can never be frozen, a government cannot devalue the currency, it can be used in every country and because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin.

A Bitcoin wallet isn’t not tied to any
your identity and a new one may be created
at will.

Registration to open a Blockchain Account is absolutely free...

After opening

Then Click On Wallet

Sign up and fill in your details

You may need to Download Google Chrome or Firefox (Updated version) if you don't have on your phone, Cos without it, you might find it difficult to create a bitcion account....

Blockchain website is a very secured website and don't work well on all browsers....

As long as it is google chrome or firefox, you are good to go.

To get your Bitcoin wallet/address
Login into ur blockchain bitcoin

Click on Receive

Then copy the code you see that is your bitcion address.

: Inside the mail sent to you, you will see your wallet identifier....dat is ur member id/wallet Id

That is what you will use to login with ur password.

After Signing Up, Check your email for Welcome Message from BlockChain

Click on the Verification link to verify your account

Then Click on Login link to login into your account

And save it for future purpose. That is your account number

This is an example of a bitcoin address

Everybody must register now and copy their bitcoin address.


Creating an account is absolutely free and done online

Bitcoin can be bought from exchangers here in Nigeria....just like how we buy dollars from BDCs or Aboki

Who is an Exchangers?

Exchangers are registered bodies or organisation that buy and sell E-wallets. Examples of E-Wallets are Bitcion, Perfect money, Solid trust pay, PayPal etc.

Examples of Registered and trusted Exchangers in Nigeria are, Naira4dollar, Instantgold, Standard gold etc.

Fund Your Blockchain Instantly

In order not to go thru stress and delay in funding your account thru an exchanger. Whenever you are ready to fund you Blockchain, chat me privately and we will fund your account instantly


For some people here, all they want to know is how bitcion turns to naira and enters their bank account. That is not a problem. Whenever you want to withdraw from your blockchain or bitcion account into your bank account. You sell your bitcion to exchangers or individual and they credit your bank account. Exchangers will always buy from you. Just as you also buy from them. As simple as ABC

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