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How To Join MMM United

Join in the world's financial revolution, manage your money better and watch it yield mega returns. Join us in MMMunited and get 100% of your contribution after one month. Register with the link  and you get added to our whatsapp group of participants . I am a proud participants with payment proofs. 

Whatsapp for more details. 08101085897. 

Getting Started with MMMunited:

All you need is to register with an MMMunited account which is very simple and after registration, log into your email for confirmation.

Use this link:

The MMMunited account is ready, if you are a already an MMMnigeria mavrodian, this part won't be hard for you. 

MMMunited is strictly operated on Bitcoin which is an international online currency just the way we have our naira, and this currency is stored in several online banks and they have their unique bank account numbers the way we have our physical bank accounts which we call Bitcoin wallets.

Personally I operate with two different bitcoin wallets which are and There are several others and you can transfer your fund(bitcoin) from one bank(wallet) to another., this is the first I got introduced to, it is very easy to register with, just open it and click on wallet, enter your email, user name and password. Your account is created, go to your email and confirm 

In your email you will see a long alphanumeric details like this

Copy it and save somewhere, that is your Wallet ID, it will be required to log into your blockchain with your password.

Again to Obtain your bitcoin address, this one now is your actual account number, it is what you will need to receive money into your bitcoin account. It is usually a long alphanumeric character that always start with 1. For example: 1KdaGVzzy5VcfwDVZEnyUXNQc4Z4DFRjJN. Do not make mistake in copying this, cos this is what you will need to send to your merchant whenever you want to receive money(bitcoin), it is what you fill in as your account number in the MMM PO account information.

To obtain your Bitcoin address just log into your blockchain Wallet and click on "Received" the number will appear, copy exactly do not make mistakes and save it. This is equally an interesting one. You create your account here the same way you create in Blockchain but here there is wallet ID for logging in, you create your log in details. Just obtain your Bitcoin address the same way you do with blockchain. Why I use this also is that I can withdraw directly from here to my local bank account, it takes less than 24 hours, the are linked to our local banks, so here during registration you are asked to provide your local bank account number, you can equally buy bitcoin directly from them. But here you need to upload a means of identity and confirm phone number before account will be active.

That's all!


The Biggest Mutual Aid System in the World after MMM Global
One Single Global Structure of MMM
100% Growth in 30 days
7 locking period, After 7 days you can GH

How to Send Payment?
How to Get Help?
How to Get the Hash Code
How to Get GH Security Code

☆ Min PH - $10
☆ Max PH - $10000
☆ No limit on GH requests
1st 10 day ; 2% every day
2st 10 day : 3% every day
3st 10 day : 5% every day
☆ First link 10% 24 - 48 hours
☆ Second link 90% depend dipatcher
☆ Earn 100% monthly locking 7 days. After 7 days you can GH
☆ No Re-PH before GH

Whatsapp for more details. 08101085897. 
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  1. tried signing up with you ref link, but cant? no activation link sent, what will I do?

  2. MSC- My sure cash is one of the best ever, it is like mmm but u cash your money within 28days, 50% of your capital, 15% bonus on every referaland 30 dollars registration bonus
    . I hv benefitted alot from it, to register visit is my email put me as your referral i will guide u till u cash out your money

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